HBO And The UFC At It Again

dana white hbo

dana white hbo

The UFC and HBO are at it again, like a chihuahua and a pit bull trying to mate. According to a recent article on TVWEEK, UFC president Dana White seems optimistic on having Fight programing on the premium cable channel HBO. White stated:

“It will happen. What we’re doing is going to get guys started on ‘The Ultimate Fighter,’ where they can then progress to a show like ‘UFC Fight Night’ before landing on HBO. HBO would then give them the opportunity for a title shot on PPV.”

White also let details out about what the UFC has planed as far as expansion in to other countries.

“Our strategy right now is global. We’re at a place in the U.S. where it’s going to keep getting bigger and bigger as our fan base grows. I think that will especially be true once our syndicated series launches. But we are now in 150 countries with a powerful product that everyone understands. What we want to do now is take our events to these markets and create the first global pay-per-view with people from all over the world buying the fight.”