Hector Lombard’s Statement on Mark Munoz

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It doesn’t seem that Hector Lombard wants to fight Mark Munoz after his bout with Tim Boetsch on UFC 149. Lombard is still hanging on the decision of who will be his next opponent. Lombard is also part of the list of players for the middleweight division champion Anderson Silva. Munoz is also a probable opponent however; he really got beaten up by Chris Weidman just last week. All these presumptions were being ignored last Thursday night at UFC 149 press conference by Dana White, UFC president. White mainly paid attention on the next fights for 185-pound division. The next winning MMA fighters will line up for Silva’s next opponent.

Middleweight Division Fights

After Silva won over Chael Sonnen last July 7, many have become interested on who would be the next fighter for Silva. Many MMA fighters wanted to become the top contender. After Weidman finished off with Munoz, more are asking who will fight Silva as Weidman also proved his worth to fight Silva. The next fights like Brian Stann against Michael Bisping and Lombard against Boetsch added more excitement on the next middleweight division bout.

Dana White on More UFC Fights

White does not completely tell what the next plans are but they are already on the stage of planning good fights along with Joe Silva. The excitement has clearly started on the 185-pound division. Bringing the excitement on Octagon has made every fighter step up on the middleweight division to challenge Silva. The answers will soon be stated according to White who believes that in every winning streak made by an MMA fighter will be an additional excitement for MMA fans looking forward to more interesting matches. Lombard might be quite surprised and thrilled of what might turn out for Silva’s next fight. Nonetheless, this is decided on his bout with Boetsch.