He’s Back! Kalib Starnes Headlines Hawaii’s Destiny Card


kalib strans


“People like to be on the side that’s winning … They’re supportive when you’re winning and critical when you’re losing. I still get some sweet hate mails pretty regularly. There are some gyms with guys who begged me to come in there and train and do seminars before that fight and who wouldn’t return my calls or talk to me afterwards.”

“It’s good. It separates people who are really supportive and back you from people that are just trying to jump on your wagon while you’re successful … Such is life. It’s more a learning experience and I don’t find it particularly motivational or that depressing, it’s just learning how people are.”

“It was something I’m happy about … I’m glad I’m not fighting there and will be fighting independently where I want and for whoever wants to pay me.”

Everybody’s favorite cage runner, Kalib Starnes talks about his upcoming fight with Kala “Kolohe” Hose at Hawaii’s Destiny on November 15th.

TG “Roy”