Hold The Line: Jon Fitch Still Not Intrested In Fighting Training Partners



UFC welterweight contender Jon Fitch talks about the getting a chance at the title and the possibility of fighting training partners:

“My eyes are set on a rematch with ‘GSP’ for the belt …. I want to fight him for the belt again.”

“I had my shot and I lost … That’s just how it goes. That’s how the business goes. You climb the top of that ladder, and if you don’t win, you get put back, and you have to find your way back to the top. [Swick] has put in nine wins in the UFC. He’s put in an incredible career with the UFC, and if he beats Kampmann, I think he would deserve a shot.”

“If he wins that, he’ll get to sit on that belt …. If he keeps defending it like eight or nine times in a row, then maybe I’ll move up a weight class. But there’s so many good fighters at 170 (pounds). That team and what we’ve built has built me and made me what I am ….To disrupt that, what am I left with after that fight? You have to split up what trainer trains what guy, which teammates train with which teammates. You know that’s going to leave some kind of animosity. There’s always going to be some kind of hurt feelings with somebody along the line. So where does that leave you after the fight? Am I going to throw away the next 10 years of my fighting career for one fight? There’s so many fights possible at 170 (pounds).” [Yahoo]

Jon Fitch is still holding on to that pipe dream of never fighting fellow training partners Mike Swick and Josh Koscheck. In previous statements, the UFC affirmed that this is a individual sport not a team sport. Fitch is going to have a hard time convincing them otherwise.