Hopeful Wishing: GSP vs. BJ Penn 3, Summer 2009

BJ Penn


BJ Penn.com

“For the past several days I have been reading statements made by St. Pierre and Greg Jackson about our fight on January 31. St. Pierre claims that he is ‘not a cheater’ and that he and Greg Jackson will have ‘no problem with a rematch in the summer of 2009.’ To the untrained eye the grease might not look like much, but every grappler knows the effect that it has. Being able to apply your submissions and sweeps or just being able to hold on to your opponent to defend yourself from being hit is absolutely critical! There is a reason why you are not allowed to put grease anywhere on your body except for the area around your eyes. Because of the grease applied to St.Pierre’s Body the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s executive director, Keith Kizer has stated that the Penn-St. Pierre fight ‘definitely wasn’t fair.’ I hereby accept George St. Pierre and Greg Jackson’s challenge for a fight in the summer 2009. Lets call Dana now and set it up.”

BJ Penn is serious about lobbying for an instant rematch with Georges St. Pierre after the Nevada State Athletic Commission witnessed GSP’s corner man possibly lubing (likely unintentially) in between rounds. Georges St. Pierre is currently rumored to be fighting Thiago Alves at UFC 100. It is hard to believe the UFC will sideline a Thiago Alves title fight in favor of a BJ Penn rematch, especially since Penn was completely dominated at UFC 94.