How Much Does it Cost to Get Bob Arum to Say “I Love the UFC”?


That is exactly what UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta wanted to find out this past weekend at a red carpet fundraiser for brain research in honor of Muhammad Ali’s 70th birthday. At the auction a pair of Muhammad Ali gloves from his 1965 heavyweight championship win over Floyd Patterson was put up for sale. The bidding was stalling at about $750K when Lorenzo decided to up the ante for the gloves in exchange for hearing a few choice words from boxing promoter Bob Arum.

What’s the big deal?

Bob Arum famously said UFC fighters are nothing more than “juiced-up homosexual skinheads.” Now through the power of money, Fertitta finally got him to say that he loved the UFC. The cost of the package deal…$1.1 million!

So that means that Fertitta paid about $350K just to hear those words from an enemy. How good it is to be rich.

You can watch “The Power of Love Gala” which drew over 2,000 attendees along with a who’s-who of celebrities and sports stars as it airs this Saturday, February 25th on ABC and ESPN.

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  1. G.B.Hamerick

    February 22, 2012 at 11:29 am

    Please does ferttitta think arum has changed his mind about the UFC? He just paid a lot of money for the gloves or to hear arum say he loves the UFC? Bob Arum has always been a douch bag and he is the main reason the fight between floyd and pacman has not happened yet. So good for you fertitta you got the gloves but you paid for those few choice words. And by the way who cares what arum thinks about the UFC.

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