How to Come Out of a Knockout Loss by Mike Swick

After seven and a half years of full fighting form in the Octagon, Mike Swick found himself at the receiving end of Matt Brown’s left hook-straight right combination at UFC on Fox 5 last December 8.

It was just 2 minutes and 31 seconds into the second round when Brown let out his impressive move that knocked out Mike Swick. Most who witnessed the KO live thought that Swick broke his jaw that day but according to Quick in his interview with Sherdog Radio Network’s “It’s Time” show with Bruce Buffer, there was actually no pain at all. “If you look at the replay, he landed the shot directly on my jaw, which just completely looks like it broke my jaw or something and I had absolutely no pain in my haw the next day.”

Swick added: “I always have pain in my haw. It always hurts to bite down after a fight. That’s just the way it is because you get hit in the jaw, and where the bone locks into your head, it always gets pulled and stretched, but for some reason, my jaw was completely fine. It’s amazing how clean that shot was.”

This fight is Swicks’s second for the year and this was because he was forced to rest for a variety of reasons including a recent knee injury. However this loss is really important to him and he wants to go back into his fighting form soon.

“I’m going to go back to get it better for the future, “Swick admitted: “This is my third operation on this knee in the last 14 months or whatever, but there was no issue with the knee. It was one of those nights where I didn’t perform how I wanted and it sucks because it was really important for me to put on a great performance Even though I won a really good fight in August, there were parts of that fight I didn’t like. I wanted to perform better, I trained really hard and put a lot of hard work into these last 10 weeks to put on the performance I wanted to, and it didn’t happen.”

Mike “Quick” Swick mentioned that he just got to get his form back and has to train harder and tougher for his next fights. “You’ve got to pick yourself back up” he said.