How Will UFC Remember Wanderlei Silva Following His Retirement?

How Will UFC Remember Wanderlei Silva Following His Retirement?

How Will UFC Remember Wanderlei Silva Following His Retirement?Recently, Tito Ortiz has joined several MMA fighters who had their names placed inside UFC Hall of Fame. Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell, and Frank Shamrock are just few of the fighters who won their struggles for the past years over several opponents on UFC. Nonetheless, if one could clearly guess who really saw the action in UFC for many years, Wanderlei Silva is probably the most notable champ to do so.

Silva’s Bio

You name it, Silva has already fought it. The end of his fame started while he was member of the Pride camp. During this period, he proved to UFC that he could still defend his middleweight title. Silva proved this in many fights even on those former heavyweights. Starting with a knockout loss against Mirko Cro-Cop, another knockout followed for Silva against his fight with Dan Henderson and so the list went on appearing to be his last in MMA bouts. Persisting to win in every fight even with so many losses compared to wins, will Silva be still remembered in his glory?

Managing His Takedowns

The old theme plays along with every fighter. More of his losses are remembered rather than his achievements no matter how many did he defend during his successful era. After the downfall of Pride FC, a mediocre focus has only been given to Silva who suffered greatly in many losses against Quinton Jackson and Chris Leben. The most significant opponent of his downfall comes from Jackson who he fought two times in high skill and talent in MMA. Remembering Silva will be much like two opposing poles, one destructive and one victorious. This will be much remembered this way and Silva will remain a great fighter through his reign in MMA. Although it seems that Silva lost his fame towards the end, he is still one of the best fighters in MMA that knocked out different fighters in varying degrees.