IFL Las Vegas Preview

Updated: June 9, 2007
IFL Las vegas

IFL Las vegas

Las Vegas Hilton
June 16, 2007 7:30pm

Dragons(1-1) vs. Pitbulls(2-0)

Wagnney Fabiano vs. Erik Owings
Gideon Ray vs. Delson Heleno
Brent Beauparlant vs. Fabio Leopoldo
Wojtek Kaszowski vs. Jamal Patterson
Rafael Custodio vs. Marcio Cruz

Lions(1-1) vs. Scorpions(0-2)

John Gunderson vs. Gabe Casillas
Pat Healy vs. Mike Guymon
Daniel Molina vs. Seth Baczynski
Vernon White vs. Mike Whitehead
Roy Nelson vs. Shane Ott

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