IFL News: Horodecki vs. Palaszewski II Off Due To Injury

Chris Horodecki  vs. Bart Palaszewski

Chris Horodecki  vs. Bart Palaszewski

According to the fightnetwork, the long awaited rematch between the undefeated phenom Chris Horodecki and Bart Palaszewski is off due to a hand injury suffered by Horodecki during his June 1 fight with Shad Lierley. The Los Angele’s Anacondas must now find a replacement for Horodeski in the semi finals. If any of you watch the IFL or IFL Battleground, you know how dynamic and dominate both these fighters can be. In there first fight Horodecki took the split decision win over Balaszewski.

“I re-broke my hand in the [Shad] Lierley fight [on June 1], and I haven’t been able to train with it,” said the undefeated London, Ontario native Thursday. “I’ll be good for September.”

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  1. Mikey

    July 13, 2007 at 3:42 am

    These two along with Jay Heron are my favorite fighters in the IFL. Too bad Horodescki is hurt.

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