IFL News: Ricco Rodriguez To Fight Ben Rothwell In IFL Finals

big ben rothwell

big ben rothwell

The IFL Website released news that “Big” Ben Rothwell will be fighting former UFC heavyweight champion Ricco Rodriguez at the IFL World Team Championships on September 20. Rodriguez is taking the place of injured New York Pitbulls fighter Tom Sauer at the heavyweight finals in Hollywood, Fla. Rodriguez is coming off a TKO win over Lloyd Marshbanks in July.

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  1. steve

    September 17, 2007 at 12:17 pm

    It will be interesting to see how this fight goes. Rothwell hasnt had much challengesas far as his career goes and Ricco hasnt looked to great against anybody good in a long time so I think that if ricco loses he needs to think about commentating because rothwell is good but he is not great. He would get destroyed by a Arlovksi, Vera or Couture Hell even cheik kongo could take him out.But if Ricco wants to continue fighting i think this is a must win. IDC whoo u r u want to fight in the UFC thats where the money and fame is.I think this fight could go either way. If he gets rothwell down he has a chance at winning but if he stands with Rothwell then he will be getting woke up after the fight.I would give it 2 Rothwell just cause he reminds me of sylvia and Ricco well we all kno how he did against Sylvia.

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