IFL News: Rothwell And Whitehead Off World Grand Prix

big ben rothwell

big ben rothwell

According to Proelite.com, “Big” Ben Rothwell and Mike Whitehead will not be competing in the 2007 IFL World Grand Prix on Nov. 3 in Chicago Illinois. The reason , both fighters have not signed a 2008 contract with the IFL. The IFL doesn’t want the fighters to get the title, then leave and sign with another organization next year.

The IFL made a decision to pull both Rothwell and Whitehead from their respective brackets after the promotion was unable to secure signed commitments from each fighter for the 2007 season. Rather than risk having one or both of the fighters winning a title only possibly to see them never defend it within the IFL, a decision was made to change directions.

The IFL’s policy in this regard is similar to the UFC’s of not allowing fighters with only one fight remaining on their contract to challenge for a title