IFL News: Team Extreme Couture Is Now Team Tompkins

ifl team tomkins

ifl team tomkins

Until Couture’s legal troubles with the UFC come to an end, Couture’s lawyers have ask the Internaional Fight League (IFL) to not include Couture’s name as an IFL team name. The IFL has agreed to change Team Extreme Couture to Team Tompkins starting tonight at the Feb. 29th’s IFL “New Blood New Battles” 2008 opener.

The team structure will be the same, as Tompkins is the head trainer at Extreme Couture Gym in Las Vegas.

“Given the ongoing litigation between Extreme Couture and the UFC, we were asked by Xtreme Couture [lawyers] Wednesday to not use the Xtreme Couture camp name in our event this Friday,” said Joe Favorito, IFL Senior Vice President of Communications. “Out of respect for Randy and his team in this difficult situation, the camp will take the name Team Tompkins. Shawn Tompkins (Pictures) is coaching this Friday as already announced for this Friday’s event. The IFL is not in any way involved in this litigation, we are doing this out of professional courtesy for Randy and his group.”

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