Indefinite Medical Suspension for Benson Henderson

Benson Henderson

Just days after the split decision match between Benson Henderson and Frankie Edgar. Henderson received an indefinite medical suspension after the fight. This was confirmed by press from the Colorado Office of Boxing on Thursday. As a rule, Henderson needs to receive clearance from a physician before he defends his new lightweight belt against Nate Diaz which is scheduled on December 8.

Henderson recently won a controversial split decision match over Edgar; referee decisions became wildfire as most thought that Edgar had the best over Henderson. Their match was held last Saturday night at the Pepsi Center in Denver. It was also during this fight when Donald Cerrone defeated his former teammate Melvin Guillard in UFC 150 co-main event. Guillard on the other hand was also handed a medical suspension for 60 days after the match.

Other medical suspensions were also from the same night; featherweight Justin Lawrence and middleweight fighter Jared Hanman who were also given 60 days medical suspensions after knockouts from Max Holloway and Michael Kuiper respectively. Other fighters who joined UFC 150 who were also given medical suspensions; Dustin Pague and Eiji Mitsuokaha have been given 45 days each and Buddy Roberts and Ken Stone each received a short 30 day suspensions.

Getting through medical suspensions have been tough for most athletes, they need to get physically fit and not to fall back on their training as well. Training must be consistent but are usually trainer or medically supervised to get the most out of recovery and fitness.

In the case of Henderson, UFC 150 was not his first time in facing the fighter; the first time was at UFC 144. “Smooth” Henderson and was able to clench the victory and the belt over Edgar after a unanimous decision fight. It was a competitive fight which was thought to favor Edgar but then when the final results were out, Henderson was the best among Edgar according to a unanimous decision.

Henderson is a 28 year old fighter from Glendale, Arizona. He is the most competitive and the most wins with 17 wins and only 2 losses. His last fight against Frankie Edgar in UFC 150 was the second time he won over Edgar. This was also his fifth consecutive win from his loss to Antony Pettis o WEC 53 headliner. And even with an indefinite suspension he is still determined to win over Diaz in December.