Injury and Victory at UFC: James Te Huna vs. Joey Beltran Aftermath

Injury and Victory at UFC: James Te Huna vs. Joey Beltran Aftermath

Injury and Victory at UFC: James Te Huna vs. Joey Beltran AftermathEven winning over “The Mexicutioner” paid its price. James Te Huna won over Joey Beltran via unanimous decision and takes home the Fight of the Night. However, Te Huna had a hand and a foot injury. During the first round, he dropped Beltran accidentally hitting his feet on full blow. When Te Huna rested to the corner, only then he realized that he earned injuries of broken foot and hand.

Te Huna vs. Beltran

At Round 1, Te Huna and Beltran try to finish the fight with knockout. Te Huna starts with a right then combines with a body shot. Even he misses Beltran with an uppercut; he manages to push him against the cage and continues to hit him with left and right punches. Beltran fights back that manage to return them on the center of the Octagon. Te Huna hits Beltran with a kick following a right. He overcomes Beltran with a left hook. Another minute left, Te Huna attacks Beltran with a combo that knocks him to the ground. Te Huna attacks top of Beltran and focuses on his face. Beltran tries to fight back but he receives more from Te Huna. During Round 2, Beltran still cannot get his stand against Te Huna even though the latter moves slower than the first round. Beltran attacks with a head kick and sustains Te Huna to be away from the cage. The last minute of the second round ends with Te Huna receiving a strike from Beltran. At the last round, Te Huna finishes with several combinations and attacks on Beltran.

According to Pirtek Althetic Allstars, first round was the most significant because of 65 strikes landing out of 121 thrown. Nonetheless, Te Huna played safe because of his injury on the first round but made his takedowns score the fight to win the decision.

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