Interview: Chuck Liddell and Wanderlei Silva “Going To Happen”

Updated: October 9, 2007
chuck liddell vs. wanderlei

chuck liddell vs. wanderlei

Chuck Liddells long time trainer and “Pit Master” John Hackleman, had these choice words to say in a recent interview with FightHype.

PC: I know you guys were eyeballing a fight with Shogun, but his knee surgery will prevent that fight from happening. Will you still like to get the Wanderlei fight?

JH: Looks like the Wanderlei fight is going to happen.

PC: Ok, is it still going to be in December?

JH: December, yeah!

While its certainly not a confirmation, It looks like the UFC is actually working on this possible matchup for UFC 79 in Los Vegas on December 29.

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