Interview: Getting To Know UFC Girl Logan Stanton



UFC 92 started the broadcast off with a new fresh face strutting around the cage. 20 year old Logan Stanton made here first PPV appearance along side UFC hottie Arianny Celeste.

Rumors of her being Arianny’s younger sister filled the message boards, but in a recent interview with CagePotato, Stanton addresses those rumors and fills us in on who is Logan Stanton.

It was probably the most random thing that’s ever happened to me. The agency called me last month and told me to come by the office, and they were like “Have you ever heard of something called the UFC?” I said, “Are you kidding me, of course I’ve heard of it, I’ve been watching it forever.” I didn’t understand why, but the UFC wanted to meet with me, so they flew me out to Vegas, and I met with [UFC VP] Craig [Borsari] and Dana [White]. I told them, “honestly, I don’t know why I’m here – I don’t have big boobs, I’m not blonde,” and they said that’s not what they were looking for at all.

Quick Note: All three UFC ring girls were in attendance at the UFC 93 weigh-ins.