Interview: Josh Koscheck Talks Matt Hughes, Diego Sanchez and Sponsorships

josh koscheck

josh koscheck

In a recent interview with Sam Caplan over at Five Ounces of Pain, the very opinionated and always entertaining Josh Koscheck spoke out on Matt Hughes, Diego Sanchez and the necessity of sponsorships in MMA.

Kos on Matt Hughes:

Josh Koscheck: Oh yeah, definitely. I just don’t think his game has evolved. His standup hasn’t evolved to the level of where it needs to be. If he’s on his back I don’t think his back game in jiu-jitsu has evolved. He’s a good wrestler so he’s very good from the top but I just think his game hasn’t evolved to where it needs to be.

Kos on Diego Sanchez:

Obviously it has an appeal to me because the guy just hasn’t learned his lesson yet. The heart of the matter is that the guy wins one fight after two losses and he thinks he can call me out. Personally, I had to wait two years and be miserable knowing that I lost to that guy. So I’m going to make him think about it…For Diego, his time is coming. He just hasn’t matured yet and hasn’t grown up but his time is coming. It’s what it is. But I’m in his head and I’ve probably been in his head for the last year. It’s probably one of the reasons why he lost to Jon Fitch.

everybody making excuses, “Oh, he had a staph infection” and this and that. You know, people get injured all the time. I’ve had my knee shot up almost almost every fight. You know what I mean? That’s a part of the sport. Deal with it and stop making excuses.

Kos on Sponsorships:

Well, I probably wouldn’t drive the Hummer that I’m driving and I probably wouldn’t have the house that I have, that’s for sure. I do very, very well with sponsors and I’m very thankful that I have awesome managers to get the sponsorships going.

It would definitely be hard without the sponsors. Especially because I was in the Ultimate Fighter contract and everyone knows how those contracts work. It was great at the time and I had an awesome time doing it, but for me, without sponsors it definitely would have been hard.