Is It Time for Matt Hughes and Forrest Griffin to Step down from the Cage?


In a recent announcement Dana White has stepped up to the plate to say that both Forrest Griffin (10-5 UFC and 19-7 MMA), and Matt Hughes (18-7 UFC and 45-9 MMA), should step down from the cage. Not surprisingly, he may be up for some resistance from both of them.

Forrest Griffin

White says that Forrest has nothing left to prove. His career has been amazing, he has a family, he’s been able to make a lot of money and he won The Ultimate Fighter title when the odds were against him. From White’s perspective, what is the point of fighting if the goal to become a world champion is no longer there?

Griffin’s last fight in July at UFC 148 gave him a win over Tito Orbitz in a split decision. After this win, however, he exhibited some wild behavior by running from the ring and then taking the microphone to interview Orbitz. Griffin has seen three wins during his last four fights with only one loss at UFC 134 to Mauricio Rua.

White knows that it’s not easy to give up the limelight or the fame and understands that Griffin doesn’t like the idea of hanging up the gloves yet. He knows that it will be one of the hardest things that Griffin ever has to do – to walk away from the crowds and the excitement, but there comes a time when it needs to get done.

Matt Hughes

White also wants Hughes to retire. He says that like Griffin, Hughes doesn’t have anything left to prove in the ring since he’s already done everything. He’s been a longtime staple in the MMA arena but his time has come as well.

The last time Hughes fought was last September with a knockout loss at UFC 135 to Josh Koscheck. This was his second knockout in the first round after his KO loss at UFC 123 to B.J. Penn.

Is it time for Hughes and Griffin to go? Well, both of them aren’t hunting for a title anymore and the MMA clock is definitely ticking. While it’s going to be hard for both of them to step down, Griffin and Hughes can both be proud of their accomplishments and will hopefully move on to big things in the future.