Is The UFC Is Putting A Wedge Between Fighter’s and Managers?



According to a recent report on Sherdog, the UFC is cutting backstage access to certain managers and agents at live UFC events. What is interesting is the fact that this is not a general rule for agents and managers, but a cherry picking by the UFC to who’s representative has access to its fighters.

five separate fighter representatives and their firms that spoke to, two said they were told that credentials would no longer be doled out to them shortly after UFC 94 on Jan. 31. These firms were also denied backstage access in person at UFC Fight Night 17, UFC 95 and UFC 96, as well as WEC 39, which took place March 1 in Corpus Christi, Texas.

One representative is quoted.

“You don’t ask questions of them. You know how that goes … They’re divisively trying to split management and fighters …. They’re trying to de-power the managers and agents to create a wedge between them. They give locker room bonuses and say, ‘This is from Dana [White] and the UFC — nobody else.’ They’re telling fighters they can go directly to them. They’re telling fighters they’ll be doing sponsorships themselves in the near future that will put the managers and agents out of business. They’re trying to minimize the managers’ and agents’ role in the fighter’s life so they can better control salaries.”

This is not the first underhanded thing the UFC has done in the past. I’m sure that if the UFC had its way, all fighter sponsorships would have to be brokered trough the UFC. Depending on fighter, the sponsorships could be as much as or more then their UFC salaries.