Is there such a thing as over UFC?


Do you remember the time when fans have to wait for months to watch a great fight? There was thrill, expectation and most of all, the chilling wait. There is an overpowering host of UFC events that have made fans and audiences wonder, are we getting too much UFC lately? Has the fascination for the game ended with the regular schedules that we have gone used to?

There was once a time when a UFC fan would root for one particular player and would spend weeks and even months anticipating his return to the ring. Today, you may be rooting for a player tonight and see him the next week creating another scene.

But of course, the growing number of players has made UFC feature more bouts than any fighting league for the sport; definitely every fighter deserves the spotlight. With more fighters playing the field, the sport becomes stronger and possibly broader; there will surely be more best players anywhere to join which is what is happening now.

Just check out the impressive lineup of players that this sport has created; UFC has the amazing ability to develop household names. It is also a team that has the ability to present new fighters and to push them to become legitimate fighters or superstars as what fans would say. Superstar fighters have the stats of commanding Pay-Per-View shows as well as numerous ticket sales which are of course the way fans show their appreciation.

So do we get too much UFC? Some audiences agree while fans would have nothing of it. There is no such thing as too much of something good when you are cheering for a fighter that you adore. Simply put it, UFC will never be too much of a very good thing.