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22 Comments on "Its Official, Chandella Powell The New UFC Octagon Girl"

  1. Doug Ninja

    I agree Crynot. Seems like Dana will never get a curvy Octogon Girl. This new girl has got a very fit body, but her face is probably the worst out of all the current Octagan Girls. There are much prettier black girls out there….They got rid of the two other girls? Horrible.

  2. steve

    wow they have to be socially right by having a black octagon girl now? And to make it worse she is not even close to being attractive. Muscular chest, abs and a not so good looking face. Get a girl with real curves is right guys. I know black women got curves so where is this girls?

  3. fred

    wtf ufc? – i like black chicks as much as the next guy but this strikes me a politically correct b.s. the other girls the ufc fired were way hotter. however, i'm sure she's very nice so we should give her a chance.

  4. Make GSP Stand

    Afirmitive Blacksion at it's worst not saying there shouldn't be black octagon girls there should be but make sure they are attractive how could you fire Logan for that

  5. youremissingthepoint

    you guys are missing the point entirely, which is joe rogans pbvious infatuation with cole millers ass. it almost looks like hes biting his lower lip.

  6. 5-0 and Counting

    Hahahaha ya know ya got a point there never noticed that was distracted by the rediculous philly cheesesteak camel toe acction going on

  7. Miko

    If she was asian or latin and less attractive than logan or Natasha would have you mentioned she was either of those races? WGAS about race?

    Apparently half the commentators up here.

    Saying stuff like ,"I like black chicks as much as the next guy BUT.." might as well translate in to, "I don't like most black chicks and I'm a borderline racist."

    Why does her race even have to be mentioned?

    If you think shes unattractive, just leave it at that :/

  8. sy

    no miko if a lass is spanish, asian, black, white whatever most none racist people would say that spanish lass is ugly as fuk that asian lass is ugly as fuk ect but as soon as someone says it about a black lass e.g that black lass is ugly as fuk people like u start saying its racist why dont people like u say anything when someone says that icelandic lass is ugly, BECAUSE ITS NOT RACIST ITS JUST PEOPLE LIKE U HOLDING ON TO THE RACE THING, is it an offence to say a black lass is black no its not…

  9. G

    no questions this girl was hired because she was black, racist or not(I don't think that's racist to say) that's why she was hired. Because beauty wise she is not hotter than the 2 girls they just fired. That's the truth and only idiots will disagree.

  10. Eric

    Its kind of funny the UFC hired her to be politically correct and people are getting heated about race. The two girls that got let go were more attractive regardless of race people need to stop being so sensitive about the whole racism thing. The girls to muscular and unattractive

  11. Ryan S.

    I don't think she is too muscular at all. It's just in her face. And what is going on right above her belt buckle? Looks like stretch marks, but kind of in a wierd place.

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