Jacob Volkmann Expresses His Beef With President Obama, Again

j volkmann

UFC fighter Jacob Volkmann has decided to make his political views part of his UFC road show.

“My beef with Obama? It seems like all his decisions, he’s not really thinking them through, he’s basing his decisions, it seems like, on who is paying him the most money. They’re not really logical, they’re not good policies. Like making a home affordable plan, the health care plan he’s got, it’s like, ‘Where’d you come up with that? Were you even thinking when you wrote it?’ I would for sure take him down and submit him. I would try to make it a very painful submission though. Try and do like a Kimura or an armbar, try and rip it.” [MiddleEasy]

This isn’t the first time he has talked smack about the president, in 2010 he was paid a visit by the US Secret Service for his comment,

“Someone needs to knock some sense into that idiot.”

UFC 141 post-fight speech,