Jake Shields Belong to 185 According to Cesar Gracie


Jake Shields was at his finest hour as he won Saturday at UFC 150 but there are fighters who think that his return to 185 is not the best move for Shields.  He outpointed Ed Herman on the scorecards as Shields won via unanimous decision. Herman on the other hand attributed his performance to his training and attitude during the fight.

Cesar Gracie however was confident that Shields will be able to settle to the previous weight division that he was comfortable with; this was the weight that he was able to beat Dan Henderson. Interviewed by Sherdog Radio Network’s “Beatdown” show, Gracie mentions: “When Jake went down to 170, it was not as great as I think he could have been, he had some really hard weight cuts. He’s not a huge 185 – pounder was the only concern I have…His last fight, I could see Ed Herman was a bigger guy than him. He definitely didn’t look like the Jake I know in the gym.” He recalls that he sat a lot of confidence on the fighter even when he changed classes. “It takes a while to make the UFC your home. I think he’s settling in and I think pretty soon we’re going to have the Jake Shields we’ve seen in so many memorable contests, when he’s tapping people out with some pretty cool moves.”

Recalling the fight, Gracie mentions: “I think people have seen some really great fights of Jake’s where he’s tapped people out with one – arm guillotines and stuff from the mount and all these other things he’s done, arm locks and everything, and I think for Jake, he needs to really get back into that, to finishing.” He adds: “We’re not going to change a tiger at this point in the game.” He also describes Shields as a “world –class grappler”.

Jake Shields is from San Francisco, California, USA. He is 38 years of age with 28 wins, 6 losses and 1 draw in his MMA career. His latest victory against Ed Herman was at the UFC 150 last August 11 but there are no words yet regarding his next matchup. Experts believe that the next fighter in line is Yushin Okami who was also victorious last Saturday. As Gracie watched Yushin “Thunder” Okami winning over Buddy Roberts, he was sure that there will soon be a UFC matchup featuring Shields versus Okami rematch.