Jake Shields Trying To Reunite The Scrap Pack (Nick Diaz and Gilbert Melendez) In The UFC


Strikeforce middleweight champion, Jake Shields has yet to come to an agreement with the UFC, but already he is sounding like a company man.

“Honestly I would love to see Gilbert [Melendez] and Nick [Diaz] in the UFC. Even though Strikeforce is a good show, everyone knows it’s the number two show. They have a handful of good fighters but all the top competition is in the UFC and I feel that Nick and Gilbert are good enough to fight at the highest level. I would love to see them come over and once I get signed I’ll have to put that in Dana’s ear” [Jake Shields]

Shields talks about someday reuniting “Scrap Pack” (Cesar Gracie Fight Team) members Nick Diaz and Gilbert Melendez with himself and Nate Diaz in the UFC.

Gilbert Melendez … possibly, although he seems fine living outside the iron gates of the UFC. Nick Diaz is going to be a challenge, his long drug rants, fighting and general unstable behavior are a PR nightmare. UFC President Dana White comments on Nick Diaz at the UFC 109 press conference,

“The last time Nick Diaz was in the UFC, he got into a fist fight in the hospital — you know what I mean? — with the guy that he fought here … You can’t do that kind of stuff. You know, the kid is very talented, and he probably should be in the UFC, but that kind of stuff has got to stop.”