Jay Hieron, Robert Drysdale Wins During Legacy FC 12 in Houston

Jay Hieron

UFC and Bellator veteran Jay Hieron won during the Legacy Fighting Championship, although it was a very controversial win.

During the Legacy FC 12 inside Houston’s Arena Theatre, Friday night, Hieron, who is 35 years old, managed to show to the world his kickboxing skills as he fought against Brazilian welterweight Romario Manoel da Silva. Hieron put the fight to an end by making Da Silva submit through his textbook brabo choke.

However, Da Silva claimed that the fight was stopped even when he did not tap for submission to referee Kevin Hancock. With this, as Hieron let go of the choke, Junior Killer managed to jump right up to dispute the result.

But during the post interview with Hieron, he said that even with his tight choke, he never stopped squeezing as well. He even told Hanccock that Da Silva has quit moving and he may be out already. Still, despite the controversy as to whether Da Silva submitted or not, it was still obvious that Hieron dominated all phases of the fight and that he is the winner. This has been his first win since Bellator champ Ben Askren defeated him during their title bout last November.

Meanwhile, Robert Drysdale, who is also known as BJJ world champion and all-star grappler, made Isaac Villanueva submit earlier as expected and put an end to the match very quickly. He locked up an armbar and that forced Villanueva to tap 89 seconds into the fight. Drysdale was able to take on a single leg shot giving Villanueva not enough time to walk forward. He also applied his effective techniques and skills such as his world-class grappling skills, wherein he took the back first, applied his threatening choke and of course his slick armbar. This left Villanueva no choice but to tap.

But even when Drysdale nabbed the win, Villanueva was also successful, in giving Drysdale a hard punch on the eye. This resulted to Drysdale’s swelling eye. But aside from that, there are no other serious offenses that the Houston native was able to throw to his opponent or he never got the chance to.

On the other hand, Bellator vet D.J. Linderman won Dale Mitchell over a second-round TKO. Middleweight Noel Ligon also scored a unanimous decision over Artenas Young. Lester Batres won over Danny Rodriguez, Jared Chaffee over Jason Carter, Jeremy Morris over Levi West as well as Charles Ontiveros also put a stop to Mark Garcia.