Joe Riggs Wants To Take Out Kimbo and Save You A Headache

joe riggs

joe riggs


“I’d of beat the (expletive) out of him….It would have been done. No Kimbo. I would have rubbed him out and saved everyone the headaches.”

“Here’s the one good thing about the UFC — and this is no knock to Strikeforce, they’re an unbelievable organization, they treat people great — you know within the minute when you’re going out to fight and it’s cut and dry….You don’t get fights pulled from you. The fighters might change, but the UFC will find you a replacement, or they’ll pay you your money. So that’s a huge thing.”

Joe Riggs takes on Kazuo Misaki at Strikeforce “At The Playboy Mansion 2” this Saturday Sept 20 from the infamous Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, CA.