Joe Rogan Talks About How ‘Wierd’ the UFC Was When He Started Back in 1997 [Video]


Fifteen years ago you wouldn’t even recognize the UFC compared to what it has become today. But to get an idea of what it was like, Joe Rogan sat down with Rosie O’Donnell to describe how strange the organization was when he was trying out to be the post fight interviewer for the old regime.

Joe Rogan on his first years in the UFC:

“I started out in 1997 with them. I was the post-fight interviewer. That was when we were in little places like Dothan, Alabama, and Augusta, Georgia. We would have to fly in these little propeller planes and it was weird, we would do it in like high school auditoriums, it would be half-filled. It was very strange. I did it for a couple years and then I won the… I got the job. They just needed someone to do post-fight interviews. It just so happens that my manager knew the guy who was the producer and they were, ‘Hey, we need someone to interview fighters after they fight.” And I was like, ‘I’ll do it.’ Not only did they not talk to me about what to do, no one even told me what was going to happen. This is what they did: they brought me there, they gave me a microphone, they put an ear-piece in me and they go, ‘Okay, ready, Joe? We’re going to come to you in three seconds.’ Or, you know, whatever it was. And they just said, ‘Just start talking about the event.’ So I just started talking. Nobody explained to me what I was going to do, how to interview people; it was a weird organization back then.”

Joe also found a way to get philosophical in a conversation about bullying, why he decided to learn martial arts, and our ‘human animal’ bodies (potheads sound off).