Jon Jones – Good Fighter, Bad Driver

Jon bones_jones

MMA champion Jon Jones has received a six-month driving ban after his drunken crash in New York earlier in May. He received a DUI charge after crashing his luxury Bentley into a utility pole. Jon Bones Jones is the current holder of the UFC light heavyweight title.

Jones’ lawyer was able to put together a plea deal so that Jones could avoid any jail time. He pleaded guilty to the driving under the influence charge on Tuesday and now has to face the consequences.

Jones has been fined $1000 and cannot drive a vehicle for six months in New York. Although the crash took place in Binghamton, Jon currently lives in Ithaca. Under the terms of his sentencing Jones must also have an ignition interlock installed in his vehicle.

Jones must also complete an impact victim course and this must be done within the next 90 days. As well, the New York State Electric and Gas Company will be compensated $6500 in order to fix the pole.

It seems as though Jones has some regret and remorse about the incident and released a public statement officially announcing that it has been a learning experience for him. As a person he plans to grow and is thankful that he was given the opportunity to take responsibility for his actions. Jones also said that this incident had motivated him to reach his full potential personally and professionally.

This 24-year-old UFC champion is set to take on Dan Henderson in September at UFC 151. It will be interesting, to say the least, to see what effect this incident has had on him and how it will affect this fight. Henderson may be in for quite a shocking surprise if Jones is true to his word and finds his maximum potential during the upcoming fight. Motivation can be a powerful driving force and Jones is a brute in the cage even without any motivating influences from this particular incident.