Josh Koscheck Wants Olympic Style Drug Testing For GSP Fight, BJ Penn’s Camp Spreading Rumors


Josh Koscheck,

“From what I’ve heard from other fighters in other camps, yeah, [St-Pierre] has done steroids and HGH, possibly … I don’t know. This is just on hearsay information that I’ve gotten.”

“B.J. Penn and his camp gave me a little phone call. They were saying, ‘Yeah, he’s on steroids. He’s this; he’s that.’ I said, ‘Yeah, there’s a possibility.’ The guy is pretty ripped all year round.” [Junkie]

Georges St. Pierre,

“I have no problem [with testing]… I know a lot of people cheat in this sport, and it’s unacceptable. I’m for random drug testing. There’s nobody in the UFC that agrees more with random testing then me. … Anything they want, I don’t care. I give my body to science,”

The rematch between GSP and Josk Koscheck is heating up with accusations of steroid use coming from, who else? Camp Penn.