Junior Dos Santos: All Natural, Will Defend His Title At UFC 146

dos santos fox

While Junior Dos Santos won’t be defending his title against Alistair Overeem, who has the testosterone level of 14 men. He will be defending that title against someone at UFC 146, according to UFC President Dana White.

JDS tweets tweets:

I am professional and I’m champion without ever having used anything for better performance when you guys see me fighting that’s really me.

Who will get the next title shot? The front runner is defiantly Frank Mir, but as a longtime MMA fan, I’m hoping Dana White pulls out the ultimate wildcard and brings in Fedor.

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  1. G.B.Hamerick

    April 7, 2012 at 12:30 am

    Well it would be nice to see mir get this spot but as usual the dictator will prevail in this matter. But now the PPV wil definitely suffer from this overeem situation. Thinking i may just pass on this PPV unless mir gets a shot.

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