Junior Dos Santos on a Rematch with Cain Velasquez

Junior Dos Santos has failed to win the divisional belt at UFC 155 but this does not stop him from asking Cain Velasquez to be his next opponent in the ring. “Cigano” showed that he had a heart of a champion even when Velasquez got the better of him in the Octagon.

There were a number of times when Velasquez was able to overpower Dos Santos; he was even seen to be able to nearly put away the fighter in the second round but the Brazilian managed to escape and come back for another round.

UFC 155 was held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, United States in December 29, 2012 and was headlined by the two impressive fighters. The promotional video for UFC 155 showed how eager Dos Santos was as he awaited his match with Velasquez. .

After the match, Dos Santos was interviewed and was quick to credit Velasquez for his win. To note that this is Dos Santos first every post fight interview in UFC since he was absorbed from Strikeforce.  Along with his appreciation for Velasquez’ win he was also keen on his faults that cost him the title. He also mentions that this loss won’t be the last of him.

“He was better and deserved the win. But I used the wrong strategy. I was too worried about his takedowns and didn’t protect my face, so he hit me. When the fight was on the ground, I should have used have used my jiu-jitsu more – I trained it so much. But I just tried to get back up and it didn’t help me. But on the ground he is very good, very strong. I didn’t really connect with any good punches. It was disappointing, because I was feeling good, had an awesome training camp, everything was right. But that’s how fighting is.”

Junior “Cigano” Dos Santos is a heavyweight from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. He has a 15 win and 2 loss career. Before he lost to Cain Velasquez he won against Frank Mir in a headline fight at UFC 146 in May 2012.

He wishes to meet Velasquez again at the Octagon soon: “I want a rematch now, soon. I won the first one and he got a rematch. Now I lost and I want my rematch. I’m saying I want this fight. I’ll get my belt back.”