Junior Dos Santos vs. Mirko Cro Cop Full Fight Video

UFC 103 took place on September 19, 2009. The card featured a heavyweight showdown between Junior Dos Santos and Mirko Cro Cop.

Round 1: Both fighters meet in the center and Dos Santos immediately throws a straight right that misses. Junior launches forward again and throws another right/left hook combo. He backs Cro Cop against the cage briefly. Cro Cop throws a hook of his own that misses and the two separate.

Cro Cop throws a leg kick that backs Junior up for a second, then Junior moves forward again, throwing constant jabs. Cro Cop tries a high head kick but misses the mark. Junior continues to come forward as Cro Cop circles on the outside. Junior catches Cro Cop against the cage and lands 4 or 5 hooks to the head.

Cro Cop shakes it off and they separate. Junior continues moving forward, constantly winging punches at Cro Cop. Junior is more the aggressor while Cro Cop is content circling on the outside. Cro Cop throws very few kicks in this round as Junior continues to swarm him. The round ends with both fighters in the center.

Round 2: Both fighters meet in the center, and Junior continues to be the aggressor. Cro Cop finally moves forward, but Junior is ready for him and moves Cro Cop back. Cro Cop attempts a high kick that misses, then backs off. Junior bolts forward and unleashes several hooks. A couple of them hit the mark and stun Cro Cop.

Cro Cop shakes it off and moves on. Junior continues to dominate the action, threatening with a constant barrage of punches. Cro Cop doesn’t seem to have an answer for Dos Santos boxing skills, as he circles on the outside trying to counter with strikes of his own. He doesn’t land much, he seems to be trying only to survive Junior’s attack.

Junior works Cro Cop against the cage, but Cro Cop is able to circle away.

Cro Cop lands an accidental low blow and Junior takes a minute to recover. The action continues and they meet back in the center. Junior continues where he left off, constantly moving forward and attacking with punches. With 20 seconds left in the round Junior lands a good left/right hook combo that wobbles Cro Cop slightly.

Cro Cop’s forehead is busted up now and the round ends with the two in the center of the ring.

Round 3: They meet in the center, and Cro Cop rushes forward with more urgency. He tries to land some punches, but Junior fires right back, which pushes Cro Cop back. Junior keeps pushing forward, overwhelming Cro Cop with his boxing skills. Junior lands a solid hook that stuns Cro Cop, then lands a knee to the body.

Cro Cop looks shaky as Junior moves forward. Dos Santos lands another knee to the body, and follows that up with two more hooks to the head. Cro Cop backs up and Junior swarms in landing another knee to the body and another hard hook to the head. Cro Cop looks extremely weary at this point.

Junior lands a solid uppercut to the body followed by another solid knee to Cro Cop’s body. Junior grabs Cro Cop’s head in the muay thai grip and lands a solid knee to Cro Cop’s face. The knee wobbles Cro Cop even more, and Junior follows up with several hooks to body and head. Cro Cop backs up while dropping his hands. He looks very tired and worn out.

Junior does not let up, constantly throwing knees and punches to the body. After taking an overwhelming amount of punishment, Cro Cop verbally taps. Junior backs off and the ref steps in to confirm the verbal tap. After confirming, the ref waves the fight off and Junior Dos Santos defeats Mirko Cro Cop by TKO in round 2.