Junior Middleweight Faceoff: Boyd Melson versus Khalik Memminger

Junior Middleweight Faceoff: Boyd Melson versus Khalik Memminger

Junior Middleweight Faceoff: Boyd Melson versus Khalik MemmingerAnother fight to be expected soon in junior middleweight division is between Captain Boyd “Rainmaker” Melson against Khalik Memminger on August 2 at the center of New York City. It is treated as one of the biggest events since Melson withdrew from his June 14 fight after contracting an eye injury. Since his fight with Delen Parsley last March, Melson hasn’t placed his feet forward the ring. Melson (8-1 with 4 KOs) has already built trust with fans and media because of donating the fight purses besides his participation in good fights.

Memminger’s Profile

The professional career of Memminger (6-8-3 with 3 KOs) is not like the ordinary boxer indeed. The Texan fighter was involved in several controversial matches with a majority and split decision along with three draws in his roster of fights. The biggest triumph Memminger had was in 2007 against the hometown favorite fighter Victor Montemayor. This will be his second match beyond the Lone Star State and his recent victorious fight versus Fabian Cancino via decision.

Melson on Memminger’s Success

Melson acknowledges the strength that Memminger has on boxing. Melson has really been one good fighter especially now that he recently donated his fight purse to the justdollarplease.org to help treat Chronic Spinal Cord Injuries. Melson added that Memminger is very tough with his fights and the experienced fighter in the ring he has ever met. Melson even shared news that the New York Chapter of the National Spinal Cord Injury Association is having 15 members watch the fight night on his behalf. This main even is promoted by the DiBella Entertainment but fans can buy tickets at Teamfighttowalk.com. The Team Fight to Walk is an association established by Melson along with his friend Christan Zaccagnin to help the boxing community be aware of the Clinical Trials in United States for treatment of Spinal Cord Injuries.