Kaiyana Rain Wins Over Stephanie Gonzalez in Momentum FC

Kaiyana Rain Wins Over Stephanie Gonzalez in Momentum FC

Kaiyana Rain Wins Over Stephanie Gonzalez in Momentum FC Last July 22 in Anaheim, Kaiyana Rain returned with a vengeance and won another Momentum Fighting Championship belt over Stephanie Gonzales under 115-pound division. The first face off was seen competitively between Rain and Gonzales last October where the latter won over split decision. Nonetheless, Rain proved on many MMA fans that she was better and she will win the Momentum FC title to make a professional debut later in 2012.

In Detail: Rain vs. Gonzalez

Aggressive was what we can call Rain (5-1-1) who persistently fought against Gonzalez (5-1-0) with her kicks and punches. Gonzalez was only sustaining her distance and prepares for a counterstrike but Rain continuously hit with head kicks. Rain scored more with short hits although Gonzalez has defended her title well and avoided Rain’s further takedowns and combos. Nonetheless, Rain became advantageous over her offensive attacks where she hit more strikes and kicks as the fight further continued. Following three rounds, the judges decided to favor Rain unanimously who is very proud of her 4 straight wins since her loss against Gonzalez last 2011. In the coming periods, Rain already declared her intentions of joining the professional MMA fighters. On the other hand, Gonzalez is still hoping for a good debut on 115 pounds and also a professional debut later this 2012.

Rain’s Success

After several bouts since last year and only having one defeat against Gonzalez on their first fight, Rain can surely step up and make it to the professional MMA fighting. She is now well trained and prepared for more action inside the cage. She is still in Kings MMA organization and training with several MMA fighters as well. She became famous after her successful bout against Jordan Gaza. Using her angle technique, maintaining her stand in every fight, and bringing down the opponent before getting the advantage make Rain a good MMA fighter.