Keith Jardine Suspended “Indefinitely” For Pushing Referee


The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation today suspended Keith Jardine “Indefinitely” for his actions at Shark Fight 13. Prior to the main event, “The Dean of Mean” shoved referee Steve Armstrong as he entered the cage last Saturday in Amarillo.

“I think he was zoning. He was fixing to fight a big fight. I was trying to stop him, and he smirked and pushed me. I said, ‘You push me again, you’re DQ’d.’ Then he patted my shoulder like he realized what was going on. I think he got caught in the moment… He’s got a lot of fights, he should know better. There’s no excuse but I didn’t want to see him get suspended indefinitely. I just wanted to know, ‘Hey, do you have a mouthpiece and a cup on?’ In every fight that’s checked, so this is nothing new to Keith. We’re always going to look at your gloves and do those checks. That’s all very standard, going through that checkpoint.” [MMAFighting]

Video of the incident after the jump