Keith Jardine Talks About His “Toughest Fight to Date” at UFC 84


Keith Jardine talks about his fight and training for his fight with Wanderlei Silva at UFC 84.

“This is a great fight for me and I think it’s my toughest fight to date….I think Wanderlei (Silva) had a tough fight last time but I’m in for a war and that’s why this is a good fight for me.”

“I was a bail bondsman for a few months, you can call that a bounty hunter; I stopped because it interfered with my training. You’ve always got to be prepared to pick someone up at weird hours or days. It didn’t work with my training schedule.”

“Fighters have something in us that we have to get the energy out or we will just get into bar fights. There is something inside me that wants to get pushed; when I saw the UFC I just got it in my mind. When I met Greg Jackson I learned fast and decided to dedicate my life to this.”

“That taught me that I wasn’t as good as I thought I was. Back then I was a heavyweight but I was too small for that. I knew I had to work on my boxing and I met Mike Winklejohn and have been with him ever since.”