Ken Shamrock: I Owe Dana No Money, UFC Owes Me


The feud between MMA legend Ken Shamrock and The Ultimate Fighting Championships looks to never end. Ken Shamrock talks about building the company on himself and Tito Ortiz’s back on the MMA Hour podcast.

“He, (Dana White) fires off on all these things like I owe him money. That’s an absolute lie, I owe him no money. Filing a bogus lawsuit? That’s funny. Everybody has a right to defend themselves whether they win or lose. If you win, obviously they are going to say yours is a bogus lawsuit. But, to say that he gave me $60,000, this is the hard part about it, I’m trying to figure out, he said I made 2.5 million dollars, and I’m like, when I first went to the UFC, they begged me to come…I made those guys over 50 to 60 million dollars on the fights that I was doing and he said he loaned me sixty grand? How in the world does that match up? They came to me and wanted me to fight for them because they were making 40,000 buy rates on their pay-per-view before I came in the UFC. When I came into the UFC, we did 150,000 buys with the first fight with Tito and then 600,000 buys and then up over 1,000,000.”

Ken stirred the pot once again, when he made an appearance in ESPN’s “UFC Monopoly” feature that enraged Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta.

His competitive fighting career is over, but I’m sure this is not the last time well here Ken Shamrock and the UFC go at it.

Full arcive of the MMAHour podcast below,