Kevin Randleman’s Staph Infection Picture

Kevin Randleman's Staph Infection

Kevin Randleman’s Staph Infection

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Kevin Randleman was hospitalized with a life threatening staph infection. The super athletic former collegiate wrestler has been plagued by injuries over the years. In 2005 he had major surgery to fix a fungal lung infection that he was fighting with for years.

Kevin spent three weeks in the hospital and was released two weeks ago. After having a look at that picture I could only assume that it was painful, Kevin offered this: “I was in critical condition for almost three weeks and I am two weeks out of the hospital now.” He continued, “pain is just part of the healing, and it hurts a lot.”

“I had two organs shut down again. I think what I need to do is stop enduring the pain and go see the doctors earlier.”

Here’s the PRIDE FC fight where Randleman dropped Fedor Emilianenko on his head.

Fedor Emilianenko vs. Kevin Randleman