Kimbo Slice A Cast Member Of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Season 10



Famed street fighter, Kimbo Slice to appear as a cast member of The Ultimate Fighter 10 reality show. Filming of TUF 10 started today.

“It should be interesting, given some of the things I’ve said about him” said Dana White [Yahoo Sports]

The addition of Kimbo Slice to TUF 10 is a win-win situation for the UFC. Positive – Kimbo Slice brings national notoriety from his fights for EliteXC on CBS, a sure spike in TUF ratings. Positive – If he does bad, Dana White and the UFC can gloat over past statements that Slice is “Not a real Fighter”, “ a joke,” a “bum” and “get murdered if he fought in the UFC”. Positive – If he does good, the UFC can a benefit from his celebrity status and either build him up or feed him to one of the heavyweight beasts (Lesnar, Mir or Velasquez) currently under UFC contract.

TUF 10 was slated to be Middleweights and Heavyweights, but the powers that be had a change of heart, all Heavyweight on TUF 10.