Kimbo Slice Struggling With The Multi-Dimensional Nature Of The Sport



Kimbo Slice,

“Here I am, a guy with just one dimension, one-dimensional, who out of respect for the nature of the game tried to learn. I’m trying to learn this mixed martial arts (expletive). This (expletive) ain’t easy. It’s hard …. It’s hard to become multi-dimensional after being so used to being one-dimensional all your life. Now you have to become versatile and learn all these different things and be prepared for all kinds of different things that’s coming at you and still try to fight your game. That’s just the ultimate sport right there, and I’m part of it. [MMAWeekly]”

“They’re going to make the matches and match them up well where the crowd is pleased that came to be entertained. I leave it up to those guys, but one thing the matchmakers do know is Kimbo Slice is coming to fight. I’m coming to get knocked the (expletive) out or knock someone out, and that’s what it’s about to me.”

Slice talks what he learned on The Ultimate Fighter reality show. Kimbo Slice has a lot to learn about MMA, but can he overcome the technical aspects of the sport to become a successful MMA fighter.

Their is a lot of talk about, is Kimbo a real mixed martial artist, of course he is. They guy has the skills of a fighter with a few (very short) fights under his belt. I guess the real question is Kimbo a legitimate UFC fighter who’s skills make him worthy of a slot on the UFC roster?