Kurt Angle: Brock Lesnar Is An Animal


Former WWE pal Kurt Angle talks about Brock Lesnar and his upcoming fight with Alistair Overeem.

“I have a lot of respect for Brock. I think that in any fight he’s in he has a chance. You don’t realize how strong and how athletic Brock Lesnar is until you get in that ring with him. I’ve sparred with him in real wrestling. I’m not going to tell you who won, I’ll say I was very happy with the outcome. But I’m a much more experienced wrestler. Brock Lesnar is the best athlete over 250 that I’ve ever seen in my life. He benches over 600 pounds, I’ve seen him squat over 1,000 pounds. This guy is an animal, so you can’t say that he has no chance. He always has a chance and, you know what, he can take a punch. Of course, he’s gotten knocked down and he’s got knocked out, but he can take a punch. The guy’s an animal, so he has a shot every time he goes out there and I wish him the best.”

Angle made an appearance at the premiere of Warrior in which he as a small part.

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  1. Anonymous

    September 13, 2011 at 1:06 pm

    brock is a freak athlete so i'm sure he could put up those numbers in his wrestling days when he was roided up. but i doubt he can do that now. i like how angle didn't let us know who won the wrestling match between them…very subtle.

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