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8 Comments on "Kyle Bradley vs Phillipe Nover Fight Ending Gif"

  1. kom34

    it was stopped early but nover had his hand slip so it looked like he went out. from levignes point of view it probably looked like a ko. just a bad break for phillipe.

  2. Ryan S

    I think that was pretty damn early. Sucks for Nover, I wouldn't be surprised if they cut him. I like him as a fighter too.

  3. Curt

    Hand slipped? No. Got tagged. Yea it was stopped to early but if he wouldn't have stepped in and grabed Kyle it looks like he would have finished him. So after you pull a fighter off of a guy who is on the verge of finishing a fight off you have to call the fight. It was interference on the ref.

  4. Jimmy

    are you children kidding me? there have been fights stopped for less then that, and if you ladies did MMA or studied MMA then you would know it was justified, he was out, and thats that, when Bradly was grabbed the first time he should have stopped fighting, personally I would fine him for still trying to fight after the ref tried to pull him off

  5. Nichole Lesniak

    Hey, I take offense to the "ladies" comment….

    And I'm sick of people claiming that you have to practice or train or study MMA to have an opinion. I'd bet you never played a minute of football, but you're still an armchair quarterback every Sunday.


    I am proof you don't ever have to actually compete to give an opinion about it.This is only the 3rd time i've ever watched MMA and i can point out things that somebody competing for 10 years wouldn't see, and no the fight wasnt stopped to soon

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