Leonard Garcia Looks To Clear his Name and Return To The Cage


In a recent interview on MMAJunkie, WEC featherweight Leonard Garcia talks about his recent arrest on cocaine trafficking charges and his future as a MMA fighter.

Garcia open his life to authorities to clear his name:

I’ve been cooperative with anything [the authorities] have asked me to do,” Garcia said. “As far as letting them look into my bank statements, looking into any bills, into my vehicle — I’ve let them look into anything and everything they’ve wanted to. I’ve basically opened up my life to these people and let them see everything that I’ve been doing with my life since three years ago. The way it looks now, I can’t say for 100 percent sure that I’ll be able to walk away from this scot-free, but I don’t think it’s going to have a really big backlash on my career.

Garcia looks to get back to training on June 2.

“We go to court for another hearing June 2, and I’m hoping that they’ll release me back and let me go to Albuquerque and start the real training with my team.”

Zuffa’s reaction to the arrest:

“They had to protect themselves from any implications,” Garcia said. “What they really, really wanted to know is that I wasn’t doing anything with the money that I was winning from the WEC. They were really, really specific with my manager. They were like, ‘Let’s find out how many years this thing goes back. If there’s anything that just recently happened we’re going to cut him.’

“Basically, the only reason, at least to my understanding, I was taken off the website is because they said if they started getting calls, or people saying, ‘Hey, you’re still supporting this guy, and he’s going through this case right now,’ then they would have to cut my contract indefinitely. So taking me off the website, that protects me and them. But [the WEC and Zuffa] have been 100 percent supportive.”
“I don’t know if my manager is releasing that yet, but, as far as I know August is the date that my attorney has asked me if I think I could be ready to fight by,” Garcia said. “That’s my attorney talking to me. So obviously he’s hearing something from my manager because they contact each other every day or as much as they can.”