Lesnar Promises You’ll See the Same Fighter that Served-Up Ham Hocks to Mir’s Face


One of the best part’s of covering a Brock Lesnar fight is hearing all of the Brockism’s that come from his mouth in press conferences. He didn’t disappoint in today’s media conference call.

Brock talking about Brock:

Look, I’ve had a great camp. This is the best I have felt in years and lardy-lardy-da… I could go through all the clichés about how in shape I am but the fact is, I know myself and my own body and I know that I am back. I am 100%. I am as fast, as strong and as explosive as I’ve ever been and you’re going to see the same guy who beat Frank Mir to a pulp at UFC 100. If I go in and execute my game-plan, then I am winning this fight. That’s the bottom line here. Overeem says he is knocking me out in two rounds. Well, I am glad he has the ability to see the future. That’s his dream. I have my own dreams of winning this fight and going on to get my belt back. And on Friday December 30 his dream will be over.The surgically repaired Lesnar (5-2) is coming off a first round shellacking at the hands of former division champion Cain Velasquez at UFC 121 back in October 2010. It was Brock’s first loss inside the Octagon since serving up a ham-hock to Mir in his Octagon debut at UFC 81 way back in February 2008.

There have been a lot of bold statements made by Brock and his UFC 141 opponent Alistair Overeem, hopefully the fight lives up to the hype.