Liar Liar: BJ Penn Says Kenny Florian Tipped Him Off On GSP Greasing



The mudslinging has begun, BJ Penn has accused Kenny “Kenflo” Florian of spilling the beans to him via email that GSP might be greasing at UFC 94. Kenny denies that claim, call BJ’s bluff and request to see the email. Someone is lying, you decide.

Bj Penn Radio Show:

“That is kind of surprising to me because Kenny is actually the guy who tipped us off that GSP was going to be greasing … He [Florian] actually e-mailed me and tipped me off.”

Kenny Responds:

“I’ve never emailed a fighter about anything like that. I don’t even have B.J. Penn’s email … I’d love to see that email. I would say print that email and show it to everybody. Where’s this mystery email?”

“I haven’t spoken to B.J. — besides ‘hello’ — since January of 2007 … I’ve never trained with [St. Pierre] in the past. I have no motive in saying that. Even if I knew, would I say that? I know of other fighters who have [greased] and I don’t say anything to anybody.” [Sherdog]