Liz Carmouche: Invicta Title First and Take Chances at Ronda Rousey

Liz Carmouche: Invicta Title First and Take Chances at Ronda Rousey

Liz Carmouche: Invicta Title First and Take Chances at Ronda RouseyAfter losing two consecutive fights in Strikeforce, Liz Carmouche came back with a vengeance which she seemingly did without flaws at Invicta FC 1 last April. Not only did she defeat Ashleigh Curry in 2 minutes but she also proved to be worth as main event for Invicta. Carmouche is very happy that she became part of a sport where males mostly dominate and she did not only fit in but made a name. This is, according to Carmouche, a chance for her to prove the growth of women in this sport.

Carmouche vs. Curry

Although the turn of the events was very quick, Carmouche said that a chance over working her game strategies were part of her plans that night. On the second event of Invicta to happen on July 28 at Kansas City, Carmouche will be fighting against Kaitlin Young. Carmouche acknowledges how good Kaitlin is for her Muay Thai especially that she has worked very well in wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu. “She’s not just a Muay Thai fighter,” stated by Carmouche. If Carmouche wins this second fight, this will lead her to the most famous events in the future of MMA fighting. Caramouche hopes to fight not only in Invicta but also in Strikeforce where there weight classes.

Caramouche’s Opinion on Sarah Kaufman vs. Ronda Rousey

As much as any MMA fan would be doing, Caramouche is also watching the events between Kaufman and Rousey’s 135-pound division match in August 18 at San Diego. Caramouche recalled how Kaufman is a good fighter and how she can maintain her stand with any opponent. She will still see what Rousey can offer after this event with Kaufman. Caramouche even wished to have a fight with Rousey if given the opportunity. Once the opportunity would come on her next fights, Caramouche vows to take that opportunity to fight Rousey.

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