Looking Ahead, Chuck Liddell vs. Forrest Griffin At UFC 92


It looks like the UFC is planing a light heavyweight title fight at it UFC 92 NYE show between Chuck Liddell and Forrest Griffin. The news was spilled by Chuck Liddells sponsor Iceman Rx is planing a contest that will give away a custom “Ice Mobile” Hummer H2. The contest concludes on Dec. 27 to coincide with Chucks appearance at UFC 92.

The only thing standing in Liddells way is an undefeated fighter named Rashad Evans, who he will be fighting in a little over a week at UFC 88 on Sept. 6 from the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Ga.

To hype December’s fight, Iceman RX is holding a sweepstakes starting on September 1 and ending on December 27 (to coincide with Liddell’s appearance at UFC 92). The winner receives a special edition Chuck Liddell Iceman Rx Hummer H2.