Lorenz Larkin Pushing for Strikeforce Fighter Bonuses


Lorenz Larkin has recently won the biggest fight of his MMA career last Saturday as he defeated Robbie Lawler at the Strikeforce event “Rockhold vs. Kennedy”. With this victory he now joins the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Beatdown” show. He sits to discuss his fighting strategy and again, a plea for Zuffa to give Strikeforce fighters a much deserved bonus and possibly more.

Larkin commented on his strategy versus Lawler: “Manhoef stayed in front of him. He lit him up with strikes, but he got too confident and was dropping his hands, and that’s why he got caught. That was just the game plan: stay in front of him, pressure him, and when he throws the shot, we’re in and out. If he throws a shot, we’re going to make him miss or back out and then right back on him.

Larkin further commented on Lawler’s tendencies for the fight. He expects that when the fighter bounces around (because he is southpaw); he has a huge possibility to step over with his right foot and pull out a pivot. “He’ll go back and forth and then he’ll always put his right foot out and then he’ll plant on it and then he’ll throw a strike. He further assessed that every time Lawler throws a punch at you he is surely going to throw a strike. Larkin was often reminded by his staff to watch out for Lawler’s tactics and this was one of the main reasons he came out as a winner at the end.

At the first round of the fight, it was not unknown to viewers that Larkin was close to being struck out. He recalled: “…he hit me and I wasn’t dazed, but my legs weren’t working. I knew exactly what was happening; just my legs weren’t working.” He closed the topic on Lawler by saying: “We knew that he was going to come out full blown and that he was going to throw all his power on each and every shot. Out whole thing was just to break him down systematically.”

He commented on his desire for Strikeforce fighters to receive bonuses: “I wasn’t even trying to make it for me. It was just for anybody. I’d be happy if anybody gets it, if anybody gets anything. I just think we deserve is as a whole.” He was also insistent that fighters were always told that they are all one family and that they are all under the same umbrella but now he is just not sure.