Losing UFC 148: Tito Ortiz Tries to Recover Himself from the Press

What Should Tito Ortiz Expect After Winning UFC 148

What Should Tito Ortiz Expect After Winning UFC 148

There was probably an issue after Tito Ortiz lost the fight versus Forrest Griffin. During the final events of the UFC 148, Griffin stole the limelight inside the Octagon’s heating up Saturday night. Nonetheless, Dana White and Ortiz were very selective in their actions bashing against Griffin for winning the fight. They both reiterated that Griffin stole the events in the post-fight interview with Joe Rogan and by walking out the MGM Grand Arena. Sports analysts are thinking, who is at fault here?

Brash, Antagonistic Attitude of Ortiz

Karma might be waiting on Ortiz because of the transgressions happening after each of his fight for several years. During the UFC 59 fight in Anaheim, Ortiz also interrupted the interview that was for Griffin even after Ortiz won via split-decision. Another event happened at UFC 106, where Ortiz also stole the event even if Griffin won the fight by complaining of his injuries especially his skull injury. These instances came out just right after weeks when Ortiz said he has never felt even better than during this time.

Conclusion on Ortiz’s Fame

Even though many accepted his induction at UFC Hall of Fame because of his assistance in establishing MMA in the arena, Ortiz still showed a side of his bad face. For over the years, no one ever did what Ortiz did with his opponents. They never disrespected him. During his early fights with other opponents, he always left the cage and ran towards the crowd to get their appreciation on his UFC 51 win via unanimous decision over Vitor Belfort. In the challenge with Chuck Liddell, Ortiz was also no different from his bad actions. After defeating Ken Shamrock, a fellow UFC HOF, he made some in-depth expressions of emotions at the center of the Octagon. Ortiz really pulls something into every fight he has.